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Welcome to EHM Consultancy Pvt. Ltd., where our commitment to addressing environmental and climate change challenges is embodied in a diverse range of services. Rooted in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) framework, EHM emerges as a reliable partner for industry and government organizations seeking strategic solutions. Explore the depth of our services and discover how EHM is shaping a greener, more sustainable future.

Design of Environmental Systems

At EHM Consultancy Pvt. Ltd., we redefine design paradigms with a multiproxy data-driven approach, seamlessly integrating SDGs, community engagement, and financial sustainability. Our designs showcase both environmental resilience and economic viability.
Explore the impact of our comprehensive, data-driven philosophy—crafting systems for resilience and sustainability in dynamic landscapes.
Wastewater treatment and management
Integrated waste management
Water resource management, supply and network
Climate resilient action plan
Environmental Audit    CSIR NEERI, Kolkata

Sustainable Environmental Management

We specialize in navigating the complexities of project management, offering comprehensive solutions that encompass planning, execution, and monitoring. With a focus on efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and environmental impact, our consultancy services deliver tailored solutions, ensuring successful project outcomes and contributing to the broader objectives of sustainable development.
Project planning and monitoring
Environmental assessment and audit
Technical due diligence
Environmental policy, regulations, and enforcement

Knowledge Dissemination

We value sharing insights, innovations, and best practices to empower individuals and organizations. Through workshops, training programs, informative campaigns, and capacity-building initiatives, we aim to equip our stakeholders with the necessary knowledge to make informed decisions and embrace sustainable solutions. At EHM, Knowledge Dissemination is a catalyst for positive environmental impact. Join us on the journey towards a more informed, resilient, and sustainable future.
Capacity building
Skill development
Environmental information, communication and awareness

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