Sustainability through
eco-centric approach


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Waterbody restoration

The restoration of the waterbody is an innovative, decentralized, and sustainable model to treat the untreated sewage/grey water and utilize the treated water to not only recharge our waterbodies but a complete rejuvenation of the whole waterbody ecosystem with community participation and engagement envisioned. Restoration of the waterbody ecosystem is one of the unique approaches, which uses primarily natural and nature-based processes to treat wastewater. This technique can be directly used in the existing rural ponds and new waterbodies with site-specific customization.

Nature-based solution (NbS)

Decentralized wastewater treatment is a smart alternative for cities, and municipal corporations that want to reduce O&M, pumping, and piping costs. The solution can be easily adopted by village panchayat to promote the reuse of water for agricultural irrigation. The treated wastewater can have the advantage of being a constant, reliable water source and reduces the amount of water extracted from the environment. The entire treatment scheme is based on natural treatment through constructed wetland technology. However, the uniqueness of the solution relies majorly on the approach adopted to solve a particular problem at hand.

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