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EHM is addressing the environmental and climate change issues from multiple perspectives within the framework of sustainable development goals (SDGs). We assist industry and government organizations with in-house experts on a wide range of strategic, site-specific ecological, and sustainability issues.

Our Services

EHM provides a wide range of services which involves a rigorous collection of environmental data and site-specific feasibility analysis of the project. This robust planning framework outcome in terms of applicable solutions & in efficient execution of the projects.

Design of Environmental Systems
Sustainable Environmental Management
Knowledge Dissemination

Our Team

Harshit Mishra
Founder & CEO
Neha Shukla
Director & COO
Utsav Mishra
Co-founder & CTO


Restoration of the waterbody ecosystem

Envisioning waterbody ecosystem rejuvenation with community participation and financial sustainability

Climate resilient

Mapping risk and vulnerability to formulate a climate resilient action plan for informed decision-making

Sustainability reporting

We provide a actionable framework to help our clients in achieving their sustainable goals and compliances

Wastewater Management  Gajwel city, Hyderabad

Nature-based solution for sewage treatment

Decentralized nature based treatment solutions to tap, treat and reuse the sewage at the point of generation

A Startup by IIT Alumni


IITK Foundation for Advanced Consulting Education and Training (IFACET), IIT Kanpur


CSJM Innovation Foundation, CSJMU Kanpur

Completed Projects

EHM specialized in designing customized and sustainable solutions, in the water & wastewater sector and implemented number of innovation solutions. we ensure to reduce the water demand by recycling treated water at the source of wastewater generation. This not only reduces the carbon footprint but also bridges social inequalities.

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